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We're looking for skilled engineers to work on the TF-X fighter jet programme in Turkey.

These exciting roles are ideal for individuals interested in the challenges faced in the early lifecycle stages of a programme, with the opportunity to work in a collaborative international environment.

The roles

BAE Systems Turkey is a trusted partner working in collaboration with Turkish Aerospace to develop a next-generation indigenous fighter jet.

The TF-X programme provides exciting opportunities for skilled engineers interested in the challenges faced in the early lifecycle stages of a programme with the opportunity to work in a collaborative international environment.

New recruits will be offered permanent employment contracts to join BAE Systems Turkey.

There is an attractive support and benefits package which has been designed to:

  • Ensure that employees are supported when moving overseas
  • Maintain individual standards of living
  • Enable turnkey solution for accommodation and living

Key employee benefits

Our attractive support and benefits package has been designed to ensure that employees are supported when moving overseas, maintain individual standards of living and enable a turnkey solution for accommodation and living.


  • Furnished accommodation and utilities
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Immigration and destination services support 
  • Expatriation and repatriation support 
  • Permanent employment contracts.

Dedicated support team

Dedicated Turkey-based business support team including Turkish speakers to provide guidance and support.


  • Competitive base salary
  • Location allowance 
  • Mobility Allowance – to aid transition into Turkish tax environment from UK
  • Home leave allowance - to maintain links with family
  • Completion bonus – at the completion of each 12 months period
  • Remuneration paid into local Turkish bank account in GBP.

Family and immigration 

No monetary provisions are made to recognise accompanying family members. However, access to immigration and destination services advice may be provided to support Affiliate employees whose family choose to expatriate with them with any costs covered by the employee.

Leave entitlement

  • 20 days paid annual leave provided
  • Turkish bank holidays

Location and living

Ankara fast facts

  • Employees will be based at the Turkish Aerospace Akinci site – North West Ankara
  • Diverse team and environment
  • Dress code and office culture similar to UK
  • The working week is between 42.5 hours and 45 hours

Cosmopolitan city

Seasonal climate

Beach and ski resort within 2-4 hrs

Hospitality is a core value in Turkey

Leisure & recreational facilities

Fantastic shopping and restaurant facilities

Low cost of living compared to UK

Things to do

Cost of Living

Eating out in Turkey is very cheap compared to the UK, many of the team have said they expect to pay approx. half the price than that of the UK. 

Employee Groups

There are lots of groups you can join when out in country, some of the current ones include; Cycling, Darts, Cinema, Sunday Dinner club, 'Come Dine With Me', horse riding. 

Friday night is usually a big night / team meet up for those that fancy it.  Many of the team also fly out to other countries for a weekend catch up, for example, Croatia or Munich. 


Kizilay is the epicenter of Ankara’s business and social scene, with endless designer retail shops, department stores, outdoor markets and stylish restaurants. Kizilay Square is also home to many important monuments. You can explore nearby Ataturk Meydani, Güven Park and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.


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