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Ready for recovery:supporting your business in the new era of work

Welcome to our COVID-19 Support Hub which is dedicated to supporting organisations during and beyond COVID-19. Within this hub you'll find solutions, advice and support to help you prepare, manage and lead your organisation as we embark on a new chapter of normality.

Our featured solutions

Social distancing training

Helping you to return to work with confidence with accredited social distancing training.

We have developed two new, Ofqual approved training courses to help companies return to work in a way that protects employees and the organisation.

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Fit for Work app

The digital first approach to health and safety.

React quickly to changes in the environment to protect your organisation and the welfare of your workers, ensure your workforce is health and safety briefed and Covid-symptom free.

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We expect that you have already begun turning your attention to planning a return to work road map and how this would work in practice by safeguarding the health, safety and wellbeing of your entire workforce.

It would be naive of us to think that things will simply just go back to normal and as business leaders we are challenged to understand how to best respond and plan for the new era of work. Therefore, we have been working with many of our major clients to share ideas and best practice, to help support organisations beyond their talent acquisition needs and ​facilitate a safe approach to transitioning back into the workplace.

We’re all in this together, and as we embark on this new chapter of normality, we’re committed to ensure the safety of your workers, just like ours, remains paramount.

We've created a road map to help your business react, and adapt, to a new working normal. 

Written by Morson subject matter experts, this guide covers:

  • On-site and in-office health and safety
  • Social distancing training
  • Behaviours and culture
  • Mental health support and training
  • Workforce management technology

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Enhanced services to support your business

Understanding that every organisation will have different needs, we have developed a range of solutions, measures and initiatives designed to support our client’s specific requirements across a range of industries. 

These include:

Early intervention technology to detect Covid-19 and ensure worker safety on site

We’re offering the expertise of our in-house Health & Safety advisors to help you create Covid-secure work places

We specialise in UK and international pre-employment screening, vetting and annualised screening programmes.  

Flexible and agile solutions to respond quickly to your recruitment needs. 

We can provide accredited mental health first aider training and returning to the workplace resilience training

Interim HR support

We can source interim HR support to deal with peaks in demand.

Vencuro talent management gives you full visibility and control over the recruitment process.

Our communications experts can support you to assess your employer brand, your culture and values and advise on implementing people first communications.

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Controlling post-lockdown anxiety: advice for employers

If you are an employer or manager, you may never have had to think about other people more than during this time of crisis. It is essential that this continues as lockdown restrictions ease. The health and welfare of your people must be a priority and appropriately managed as many of your employees face a potentially daunting prospect of returning to their workplace.

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